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Let us handle any kind of family law case

•  Divorce, including property, maintenance, custody, and child support.

•  Property division. During a divorce, property must be divided.

•  Maintenance (alimony). Under certain circumstances, one party may have to

support the other (in whole or part) after a divorce.

•  Custody. If the parties in a divorce have minor children, the court will decide how to allocate custody. This includes both legal custody and physical custody.

•  Child support, including basic support, medical support, and child care support. The combination of these 3 forms of support is known as "total support obligation."

•  Parenting time. This concept is legally separate from custody

•  Order for Protection (OFP). An OFP is obtained to protect one party from domestic violence at the hands of another.

•  CHIPS / TPR. There are a wide variety of reasons why a CHIPS or TPR case could be brought against you, and consequences can vary just as widely. CHIPS or TPR involvement could lead to a loss of custody of your children, even loss of parental rights, so be sure to call us immediately.


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